Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Caleb at 18 Months

Can you believe Caleb is one and a half years old already? I can't.

He's learning so much and changing so fast. Every day, he does something he didn't do the day before and I want to record it all - take pictures, write it down, but there's just too much. And the truth is, sometimes words and pictures don't do enough justice so I just put down my camera and marvel at how much he's grown.

Caleb's trying harder than ever to communicate with us. He's developed his own combination of signs and sounds to tell us what he wants.

He makes an "O" with his mouth for "open". This pertains to opening drinks, doors, anything that can be opened. For whatever reason, he doesn't make the "o" sound though. 

Then, if you don't do it for him, Caleb will point to himself indicating that it's something that he wants, or that it's for him.

He's also been whining a lot when he doesn't get what he wants, and crying, too. Could this be a sign? I'm bracing myself for the "terrible twos".

Caleb has gotten so good at eating with forks and spoons. Many times he refuses to let us feed him anymore. He wants to do it all by himself.

I was so impressed with him when we went over to our friends' for a BBQ. All the kids sat at a small table and Caleb wanted to sit with them. I cut up all his food for him and he sat there, poking at his food, eating it by himself.

He eats until he's full and when he's done, there's no convincing him to take another bite. I like that he's decisive like that.

He's also getting pretty good at drinking from cups and water bottles by himself.

Caleb loves singing songs with actions and he can almost jump! He tries so hard to get his feet off the ground. Any day now, I think. Caleb learns all his songs from Nido and swimming and I think those are his two most favourite places to be when we're out.

Since Andrew has the week off, he volunteered to bring Caleb to Nido today and they were invited to try out the "big-kid room"! Andrew wrote about that here.

My little guy loves doing what all the big kids are doing. He'll run around with them, trying his best to keep up. He climbs whatever they climb and he dresses up in what they like to dress up in.

He really looks up to Nathan.

And remember when Nathan used to say he wants a red Ferrari?

I have a feeling Caleb might be thinking the same thing.

I love that Caleb's still letting me hug and cuddle him, especially at night. He's got the softest, cutest cheeks and I love kissing them.

He's the most helpful little boy. When he sees shoes lying around on the field (kids often run around barefoot here), he'll pick them up and try to convince the kids to put them back on. He loves helping us hold shopping bags. The other day, after I let him out of his carseat, he got down, picked the bag that was sitting in front of his seat up, and dragged that bag out of the car with him, struggling a little but he got it done.

He's a determined one and I love him to bits.


  1. so so cute!!!
    i love that you are documenting where he is up to on his journey!!!

    and love the box post on the post before!!!
    so fun!!!!

  2. he's such a cute little captain america



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