Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday in Paddington

I try not to go to Paddington too often.

There's very little parking and the food selection is slim, so if I walk around and shop for too long, there's nothing to fill our bellies afterward and that's not a good situation to be in.

But the one thing that keeps me going back is the antique shops.

I can't get enough.

If you follow me on Instagram (@btsoi), then you've seen a glimpse of what our walk through Paddo was like.

I had three shops on my list today and we went to each one.

Walking into the Paddington Antique Centre was like walking into a museum, except you were allowed to touch the items on display. You could even buy the items if you wanted.

This cash register was amazing. I wish I could buy all these fantastic things and put them all into a little village and have actors pretend to be people from that era. Oh wait, they have things like that already, don't they?

I want to hear the stories these things hold.

This display was awesome. Check out those Coke bottles. Who knew stale Coke was worth an extra $7.50?

And I wish I could have taken this Coke crate home with me from Hobohemia. That little store was full of interesting little things, like a set of butcher stamps I was really tempted to get.

I didn't bring anything home with me this time, but I left feeling fulfilled anyway.

I'll be back again soon, Paddo.


  1. it was a good walk :)

  2. Sweet!! Now I've got another place to go this weekend!! Thanks for recommending! lol..



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