Saturday, July 14, 2012


My parents arrived late Thursday night. By the time they got to our home, it was well past midnight and little Caleb decided he wanted to be part of the welcoming committee.

Though he let my dad hold him, Caleb was a little unsure and soon wanted to be back in Andrew's arms.

The next morning was a different story.

After dropping Nathan off at school, my dad and I came home and from that moment on, Caleb and my dad were inseparable. They played together in the playroom for a long time, and if my dad ever left Caleb's side, you can be sure that Caleb went searching for him right away.

All through the day, Caleb found ways to play with gung gung. Then when Nathan got home, they all hung out together.

This morning, everyone piled into the car to go to Nathan's soccer game only to get to the field and find that the games had been cancelled due to huge puddles.

We ended up going to the West End markets, where my parents and the boys sampled their way through the stalls. Then, we went to South Bank to check out the French Festival. At both places, both the boys wanted to walk with my parents instead of Andrew or me.

I knew Nathan was super excited about their visit and that he missed our family in Toronto, but I didn't think Caleb would warm up to them so quickly!

By late afternoon, my dad and the boys were in the backyard kicking soccer balls around just like they were a few months ago in my parents' backyard, as if this was something they did together on a regular basis.

I couldn't help but think this is the way it should be.

I really like that the boys can get to know their grandparents and enjoy spending time with them. I just wish that they could see each other more often, the way Nathan used to see all four of his grandparents all the time.

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  1. catching up on blog posts....
    so glad your parents are there now...hope they have a great time...and love hearing that Caleb and Nathan are enjoying their company!!!

    heard all about that game last weekend...must look into it!!

    ohhhhhh that card is so so cute!!!! love it

    and cute duck feeding pics!!!!



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