Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coming Out Of Hibernation

I've been an awful blogger for the past few months.

I've been exhausted and bogged down with too many projects swirling around in my head.

I blame the cold and dark winter nights. As soon as the sun sets, the temperature takes a huge dip and I crawl under the covers to get warm. And once I'm under the covers, there's no pulling me back out.

Sometimes I wonder how the other moms do it - they all have to take care of their children and their house, they drive their kids to and from various lessons, they cook and clean, and yet they also seem to have enough energy and willpower to keep up with everything.

Andrew tells me it's because on top of all that, I use up every last ounce of my energy on my personal projects.

Many of them.

Maybe too many.

I think I've finally recovered from our Toronto trip and now that my parents have been dropped off at the airport, our lives are back to normal. No more traveling, no more guests and no more excuses.

At least for now.

The weather is starting to warm up, and I can finally focus on some of my projects, and instead of just constantly thinking about them, I can get them done so I have less "stuff" at home and more space in my brain.

Please bear with me as I refocus my energies for this blog.

You can expect to see little changes happening here and there. It'll happen slowly but it'll eventually be done.

I plan on posting regularly again. For the next little while, I will be catching up with posts that should have gone up, and also keeping up with things that are currently going on.

And yesterday when I drove my parents for one last trip to the Gold Coast, I picked up a cast iron pan and an ice cream maker so you can be sure there will be new cooking experiments happening here as well!

Thank you for sticking around!

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