Monday, July 30, 2012

And They're Off

How has it already been 18 days since Andrew picked my parents up from the airport, arriving at our home just past midnight in time to be greeted by Caleb who happened to wake from sleeping?

I can't believe tomorrow morning, after we drop Nathan off at school, we'll have to be saying bye to my parents as they fly out to HK.

My parents' visit has flown by so quickly but in this short time, we have been so spoiled.

Andrew and I have barely had to do dishes, laundry or cook because my mom gets it all done before we even think to do it.

Andrew and I haven't gotten to spend as much time with the boys because they're always playing or hanging out with my dad.

We pulled Nathan out of school for a week so both of the boys and I could fly down to Melbourne with my parents for a week. We spent just about every moment together - those posts will come very soon.

My parents have explored Brisbane and Melbourne and they've seen a glimpse of what our life here in Brisbane is like, from swim lessons and soccer games, to our favourite restaurants and hang-out spots.

I can't wait until the boys have their grandparents as a regular part of their lives again.

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