Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feeding Duckies

Last week when we were at the botanic gardens, Caleb and I went to feed the ducks.

I had this bag of stale/moulding bread that I was about to throw out in the morning, but decided to bring it along just in case we were allowed to feed the ducks.

It's been so long since I've fed ducks. I have fond memories of feeding ducks at Mill Pond as a child. I also remember the angry geese and swans. Since then, there've been signs put up everywhere warning against feeding wildlife.

But not at the gardens!

So I gave Caleb some pieces of bread and showed him how to toss it in front of the ducks.

At first Caleb's bread would land on the walkway and the nasty ibises would come and take them but towards the end, his throw got a lot better and the ducks appreciated that.

Caleb loved throwing the bread into the water and seeing the ducks swim over to eat the bread. 

We kept on throwing bread and calling out to the duckies as they gathered around until all the bread was gone.



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