Saturday, July 21, 2012

Melbourne Day 3: Queen Victoria Market, Federation Square, City Circle Tram

Having only seen a little of the markets the day before, we headed back to Queen Victoria Markets to get a better taste of what it had to offer.

This time when we arrived, the market was buzzing with activity. There were lots more people, and lots more things to see.

My sweet little Nathan wanted to bring a baby chick home. He even came up with a plan of how to bring it on the plane. But alas, I had to say no.

When we had finished walking the aisles, we stopped for lunch. My parents had fresh raw oysters. They must have been good because by the time I came back with the boys' food, almost half of their order was gone!

I finally got to satisfy my craving for a souvlaki. I had been wanting a souvlaki since my trip to Toronto, but since my go-to hole-in-the-wall place closed down, I wasn't able to get one.

After lunch, we hopped on a tram back into the CBD. For whatever reason, Caleb insisted on standing on the fare machine.

This time, we headed for Federation Square.

On the way, we passed this little lane way and I couldn't resist taking a picture of its cute hanging signs.

We also passed by Flinders Station. I didn't realize until a little while after I took this picture that this was Flinders Station. I thought it was just another pretty building.

I also didn't realize that the picture I took wasn't the front of the station until we got to the intersection and I saw this:

It looked gorgeous, and I'm sure it was even better back in the day. We didn't wander too far in though. I was a little turned off by the large number of questionable people hanging around on the steps.

As we were crossing towards Fed Square, we saw a Hello Kitty tram. I quickly iMessaged my sister and this became her number 1 reason to visit Melbourne.

Finally, we got to Federation Square where my parents went to the visitor's centre and the boys and I sat for a little rest.

I shared this photo on Instagram and joked about how the boys were "taking it all in".

I wonder what it'll be like to travel with them as teenagers. Or if I'll even be lucky enough to have them willingly and happily travel with me.

Afterwards, we caught a ride on the Circle City Tram. Our original idea was to get off close to Chinatown for dinner. Somehow we missed that stop and ended up riding it all the way back to the first stop.

Eventually, we got to where we needed to be and Nathan found a nice spot to rest for a bit.

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  1. i love melbourne...and the ah!!!
    as for those chicks...cute!!!

    and love the pic of the missing below!!!



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