Friday, July 20, 2012

Melbourne Day 2: Parliament House, Chinatown, Queen Victoria Markets, Docklands

Bright and early, we had breakfast and hopped onto Tram 96 (our main ride for the week) and headed into the CBD.

Somehow we ended up inside the Parliament House of Victoria and discovered they had a free tour. I had forgotten how much my parents like these kinds of things, and I was quietly reluctant to go at first but it turned out to be pretty nice.

If you follow me on Instagram (btsoi), you'd know that there are some really gorgeous ceilings in that place. I was obsessed with looking up. I'm pretty sure the tour guide and other tourists thought I was crazy but I didn't care, it took my breath away.

Next time you're in a building I would definitely recommend looking up. You might be surprised by what you see!

After the tour, we wandered through Chinatown for some ramen. A nice hot bowl of noodles is just what we needed to warm us and re-energize us for the afternoon.

We made our way to Queen Victoria Markets and by the time we got there, it was starting to drizzle and the stalls were starting to close.

One of the sellers told us it had been a slow day so they were packing up early.

We made our way through a few more aisles then headed home to lighten our load before heading back out to the Docklands.

It turns out every Friday for the month of July, they had fireworks at the Docklands, along with some street entertainment.

They even handed out free glowsticks - the boys absolutely loved that. Nathan made himself a ring to do tricks with and Caleb collected a handful and kept handing them out to gung gung and poh poh as we walked.

The display of fireworks was fantastic and though Caleb was a little shocked by the sound of them at first, he grew to like them.

It was a beautiful night out and a great way to end off our first full day in Melbourne.

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