Thursday, July 26, 2012

Melbourne Day 8: Homeward Bound

This was our final morning in Melbourne. We took one last stroll through St. Kilda, this time actually ducking in and out of their little shops.

We had our last lunch - fish and chips, in the freezing cold. Unfortunately, I packed up most of our warm clothes thinking we'd be okay until we got to the airport. I may have underestimated how cold it would be the last day.

After lunch, we collected our stuff from the hotel and hopped onto the tram one last time to Southern Cross station where we caught our Skybus to the airport.

We got there and my parents checked in.

They walked us all the way to the other end of the airport for us to check in to help me with the boys and luggage. But by the time I got checked in they had to run back to catch their plane.

We sat and waited for our plane to come in.

The boys are so used to boarding planes now. It's Nathan's job to look for our seats. Caleb follows behind (while I hope that he doesn't decide to wander into seats that are not ours) and I carry all the carry-ons. Sad this is the only pic I snapped, but really I had no hands.

 I was so glad we had an extra seat beside us on the way home.

Also glad I had two iPads so the boys didn't have to fight.

Unfortunately, Caleb quickly lost interest. He just did not want to sit still and knocked the seat in front of us a couple times

It was also unfortunate that the passengers in front of us were less than gracious about it. The mother who sat in front of me obviously complained to her husband who kept glaring back at me, even when I apologized each time Caleb pushed the seat. What made me even more upset was that they glared at Caleb when the armrest that automatically comes back down, came down on her because they thought Caleb pushed it down, even after the flight attendants had warned all the passengers about that before the flight!

I could see they were struggling with their little girl but I couldn't understand why they would be so unsympathetic to someone who was in the same situation as them, except I was outnumbered by the boys.

I'm just glad that at the end of the flight, I was able to quickly gather my stuff and the boys, and leave before they could even stand up so I wouldn't have to see more of their nasty stares.

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