Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Marble Run

Andrew has the week off again this week and he's making the most of it, spending time with the boys.

Last week, he bought the boys a marble run to play with. I originally set it up, following the instructions to the letter because I don't have the patience or mental capacity to set it up any other way.

Andrew, on the other hand, loves to change things up. He loves building things and seeing how he can make things better. He likes those kinds of puzzles.

Side note: the night before Caleb was born, Andrew stayed up until 3am building Nathan an awesome race track for his mighty beans out of cardboard and card stock. He tested it and reconstructed it for hours. We only had it for a short while, but Nathan loved it.

So it goes without saying that Andrew spent the morning fiddling with the pieces, putting together an brilliant track.

Wait, I should clarify that Andrew built a track that was just about as tall as himself, then Caleb our little demolisher came and wrecked the whole thing. Then, Nathan came home and built this one for the three of them to play with.

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