Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I'm so excited to share this layout because it came together so quickly. From beginning to end, it took about 2 hours and that's definitely my fastest by far!

I had the perfect working conditions:
1. A quiet house. Andrew brought Caleb to Nido this morning so it was completely quiet. No one asking me questions, standing in my way as I dart back and forth looking for supplies, or stealing my supplies.
2. A clear desk. I finally cleared off my computer desk last night (can't say the same about the floor around it) so I had a large clear space to work on. It also helped that my computer was right in front of me because I tend to click around, scouring the web for inspiration.
3. Sunlight. I think it makes the biggest difference for me, working in natural light.

I sort of wish I didn't splatter ink on this layout, but not much I can do about it now.

I'm just happy I can actually get a layout done in one sitting!


  1. this is beautiful, i have this piece of blue skies paper on my desk and i just don't know how i am going to use it yet hmmmmmm i think the mist splatters are perfect

  2. Great layout, it fits all so well together and cute photo!

  3. Such a pretty layout! A clean desk can do wonders!

  4. I love a simple, yet fabulous, layout! I like the mist splatters, too!



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