Friday, September 7, 2012

Caleb at 20 Months

I'm sneaking this update in right before Caleb turns 21-months old.

It's so hard to keep up with all the things he's learning. Almost every day, he's doing something new. He's constantly changing.

Right now, Caleb...

... loves to dance when there's music on, especially when Andrew plays Living la Vida. He'll make sure whoever is around is dancing with him, too.

... loves to make faces. All kinds of faces.

... loves giving thumbs up. At the very beginning when Andrew would give him thumbs up, he would respond by pointing up with his index finger, but he soon learned to put his thumb up instead.

... sometimes says bease (please), but always says du-duhm (thank you).

... asks to play on the a-bat (iPad), a-bot (iPod) or phun (phone). Caleb's gotten very good at navigating the iDevices but sometime he swipes instead of tapping so he's learned to use my finger like a stylus to get what he wants.

... calls all juices appa-ju-juice, and also likes to drink muk (milk), tay (tea) and wata (water).

... likes to pu-bak (put back) things where they belong, also says ba-dow (back down).

... loves copying people, whether it's someone's sounds, expressions or actions, or even a picture on the wall.

... likes keeping his space clean, and will wipe and put things in the da-buge (garbage).

... says "OUCH!" and runs to us, holding whatever part of him got hurt while making kissing sounds until we kiss it better.

Caleb loves to keep us on our toes. He's a strong little guy with a strong personality and we love him so much.

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