Saturday, September 8, 2012

Snake Skin

Nathan came to Nido with Caleb and me today because Andrew's out all day writing exams and we have a whole bunch of sessions to use up. Caleb was happy to have a friend to work with and Nathan enjoyed seeing what Caleb does in the mornings.

On the way to the parking lot, Nathan stopped and yelled, "Look! Snake skin!"

At first, I wasn't sure if it was, but upon closer inspection I discovered that it really was snake skin!

I asked him to bring it inside to show the teacher. He did, and that's when we learned that recently there's been a snake lurking around the school grounds. 

Nathan asked if he could bring the snake skin home.

I agreed to let him if the teacher didn't mind. In the car, Nathan put the snake skin on the armrest beside me and I asked him to remove it. Then, when we got home, he put it in the basket where we keep our keys and again, I asked him to put it away. 

I was a little shocked at my reaction. I didn't think I'd be scared of it, or disgusted by it, but I definitely didn't like having it around. Perhaps the idea of it being an animal's skin just grosses me out. 

So for now, it's housed inside a plastic takeaway container where we can see the skin but no one has to touch it. Especially not me.

Being a mom to boys is tough stuff!


  1. yikes yikes yikes!! i think i would convince my girls not to have in it the house at all! Ha!



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