Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mini Herb Garden

I'm so excited to share our mini herb garden with you so far. 

At the beginning of August, I had found some herb plants in the grocery store. I sent Andrew to choose a few for our garden but somehow we left empty-handed and I didn't see any of the herbs I wanted again for the next few weeks.

I had put my herb garden to the back of my mind, but this past Sunday, a friend gifted a couple mint plants to me. When I went to replant it, I found that it had a very sparse root system so I'm not sure how long/if it will survive but we'll keep it for as long as we can.

Then, when I went grocery shopping on Monday, I found some basil plants! I texted Andrew right away and informed him that I was buying two. When I replanted them, I found that I couldn't really because the roots were growing through the bottom of the little container and if I pulled the plants out, it would rip out all the roots! And there were lots of roots. 

So as silly as it may sound, right now they're planted in the soil, inside those plastic containers. Andrew laughed at me but I didn't know what else to do! 

There's one more herb that I want to grow and it's rosemary. We've been using it a lot this year, in our pot roasts and my rosemary and honey chicken so I thought it'd be nice to plant our own so I don't have to keep buying it. However, it's been quite difficult locating a rosemary plant so for now, that last space in this planter remains empty but I'm hoping to add our final herb to it soon.


  1. Oh this will be fun for the boys to watch growing.Love fresh basil!

  2. I love growing my own herbs! Basil and rosemary and thyme are my favorite to grow and use! Your plant looks so lush and healthy!

  3. What a cute little planter -- looks delicious!
    Rosemary grows pretty big!



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