Friday, September 14, 2012

Last Day of Term 3

I stayed up late (like, really late) working on a project the night before and I was definitely not in top form. I had exactly 2.5 hours of sleep and I needed to make it through an incredibly full day.

Before I went to bed, I remembered that the money and design for Nathan's paver (aka. brick they will put into ground at the school entrance to commemorate the school's 30 years) was due. I wanted to have Nathan do some practice drawings before I committed to the paver, but clearly I had completely forgotten about it until the day before the deadline.

When Nathan woke up at 7am, I scolded myself for not remembering to do his paver drawing earlier and reluctantly threw myself into high gear and printed out the template for him to draw a picture of himself and Caleb.

It took a couple tries but we finally got a good, clean design (as per the instructions).

After dropping Nathan off, I brought Caleb to Nido. I decided to leave at 11 instead of 11:30 since I'd have to be back 2 hours later to watch Nathan perform the shuffle at the end of term assembly.

So I rushed home, had lunch and decided not to make a plate to share at the picnic after school (or even go to it) even though we'd probably be labeled social outcasts for the rest of Nathan's Cycle 2 life and that even though Caleb didn't feel like taking a nap, I was going to sneak one in.

I had 30 minutes and no intentions of doing anything productive. I left Caleb playing on an iPad beside my bed, tucked myself into bed, and then my phone rang. It was a lady from church asking me about my plans for helping out with Sunday school next year.

My body was slowly going numb as it melted into my bed. My mind wanted to fade away as well, but I fought to stay awake. At that moment, Sunday school was the least of my worries. I needed sleep!

By the time I got off the phone, not only had I not gotten any rest, I was running late.

I scooped Caleb up and rushed to school in time to hear the principal's speech from the parking lot. I briskly walked to the hall and breathed a sigh of relief as I saw the other Cycle 2 class perform; Nathan's class was next.

Caleb and I watched eagerly as Nathan and his class made their way to the front. And then confusion and disappointment came over me as I saw 10 of the students, including Nathan, walk back to their spot on the ground and take a seat. I waited, thinking maybe they were performing in groups.

Then came piano performance after piano performance. Nathan wasn't going to perform.

I paced back and forth on the verandah with Caleb, waiting for the assembly to end. Then, my friend came and casually asked why I was wearing different shoes.

I looked down and saw this:

I was mortified.

I knew my right flip flop felt squishier than usual when I was pacing but every time I looked down, Caleb was sitting on my feet so I hadn't even noticed.

There was 30 minutes left before school let out. I made it home and back in 15.

Plus, I grabbed a drink for myself, except somehow the lid managed to break so I had to pry it off with my keys.

Thank God it's Friday.

Thank God it's school holidays.

This exhausted mama needs a break.

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