Saturday, September 15, 2012

Starting School Holidays with a Bang

This Saturday morning felt different from all the other Saturday mornings in the past 10 weeks.

This was a school holiday Saturday morning. Even though I had a full day ahead of me, alone with the boys, I felt relaxed.

I slowly made my way down to Andrew's pancake breakfast. Nathan asked if anyone was going to join him at the table and for once, I could say, "me".

It's been too long since I've had breakfast with this smiley face. I plan to do it more often during this school holiday.

Caleb soon joined us at the table (even though he already had his breakfast about an hour before).

Then, Livin' la Vida came on, and a dance party broke out. There were bobbing heads and fingers pointing everywhere. There's always a dance party when Livin' la Vida comes on in our house. Even at breakfast when we have to remain seated.

The three of us had a nice relaxing time at Nido. The boys had a blast helping their classmates' family water their vegetables in the community garden.

We came home for lunch with Andrew and then rested before going to Nathan's soccer presentation day. Andrew had gone off to play basketball and write an exam so I was on my own with the boys. The fields were packed with people. It was like a community carnival.

Nathan was so excited to get his trophy, even though they didn't go on stage to receive them like I thought they would.

We stuck around and had sausages, slushies, and hot chips while we waited for Andrew to arrive.

We finished eating and waited for the fireworks. It got pretty cold, but the boys ran around to keep warm.

Then, soon enough, they turned off the big stadium lights and it was go time.

Front row seats to some pretty spectacular fireworks. What an awesome way to kick start these school holidays!

And this one's for my dear friend, Jasmine who is having a carnival themed birthday party. Sorry I can't be there, I'd bring these fireworks if I could. Happy birthday!

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  1. Thank you for the birthday fireworks, Bee!! <3 I miss you guys (and Andrew's delicious pancakes) so much! Wish you were here, but will have an extra alchy sno-cone for you! ;) haha xo! P.S. Congrats Nate on winning a trophy!!



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