Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fake Nap

Andrew had an exam and other commitments over the weekend so the boys and I stayed home. I briefly thought about bringing them out to a park or a beach but it was sweltering outside and the very thought of being outside in the heat put me off.

By lunchtime, we were all getting hot and cranky.

I thought if I fed the boys, I could convince them to take a nap together downstairs where it was much cooler.

Nathan set up the mats, we brought out pillows and little blankets. They even brought their teddies down. 

For a minute, I thought it actually might work.

I thought I might be able to spend a quiet afternoon catching up on Project Life.

I really should have known better.


  1. Aaaaww love that smile on his face :-)

  2. So cute! I know about that nap struggle ....



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