Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chasing The Sun

I was harshly woken this morning by an energetic little Caleb who somehow, despite keeping us up late at night, still has plenty of energy the next morning and wakes up with the sun.

Andrew, who rarely wakes up when Caleb jumps on us, happened to be up at that time as well and asked if I wanted to see the solar eclipse.

I had went on and on about it before I went to bed last night but at this hour, I couldn't be bothered. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep.

Moments later, I was woken again, this time by a plane flying noisily over head. For some reason, this time I sat straight up and told Andrew we had to get pictures of the solar eclipse. However, even from the safety of my own bedroom, I was already trying to peer through the blinds, straight at the sun.

So to save myself from making an error of enthusiasm (read: looking straight at the sun, causing irreparable damage to my retinas), I sent Andrew out with the camera.

While Andrew was outside, I tried to sneak, looking through my fingers and the blinds. I became aware of how silly this was when I realized I couldn't actually see anything other than a really bright white light, and when I saw Caleb standing beside me on my bed, copying what I was doing. He looked ridiculous.

We didn't have any special contraptions and this doesn't look like what I envisioned a solar eclipse to look like but this is what the solar eclipse looked like from our backyard.

Thank you, Andrew for sacrificing your extra hour of lying in bed for this cause. 

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