Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Around The Block

A couple weeks back, for the first time since we moved into this house almost a year ago, we took a walk around our neighbourhood as a family.

It's really sad to admit this, especially since I had envisioned us taking walks around the block together as a family in the evenings. I've been wanting to put this plan into action for a very long time now, but somehow we never got around to it.

I'm glad we finally took that first step and walked out our front door. Many of the roads in our neighbourhood are extremely hilly and steep, but after that walk, it doesn't seem so intimidating anymore. I might even buy some new runners and start running jogging brisk walking around the block with the boys.

Anyway, we headed out the door with the idea of finding a restaurant to have dinner in, then walking home.

Nathan rode his scooter, while Caleb either walked or was carried by Andrew or me.

We decided against the stroller because we knew he would prefer walking (or running) instead and then one of us would be stuck pushing an empty pram again.

It was a gorgeous night to be out and it's still surreal to me that we're living in a place where palm trees and tropical flowers grow in abundance.

We ended up stopping at two restaurants because the first served way too many dishes made with peanuts which was a nice primer for our trip to Bali. Our walk was extended far longer than we had expected and we ended up at a new restaurant down the hill from our place.

By the time we finished dinner, it was dark and getting late so Andrew dropped us off at the McDonald's across the road for an ice cream reward for the boys while he bused home to get our car.

Hopefully, our next walk will bring us home on foot but with the weather getting so unbearably hot, I'm not sure when the next walk will be.

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