Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Our Tree Is Up!

It occurred to me this afternoon that there's 5 more days until Christmas and we still don't have our tree up! With having to wait until after Andrew and Caleb's birthdays, and then going to Bali, our Christmas festivities have been pushed way back this year and I panicked a little that we still hadn't gotten into the Christmas spirit yet.

Every year, I turn on the Christmas music and decorate the tree with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Usually, the boys leave the house while I decorate alone. This year, Nathan wanted to help out so I left the tree bare and waited for him. However, it took him so long to eat dinner, he told me to go ahead and start decorating. I think he just wanted to see the final product.

So I turned on the Christmas tunes as he finished eating and started decorating.

This year, we managed to buy a larger tree so all the ornaments that dwarfed our tree last year were perfect this year.

Can you spot the tiny ninja ornaments from last year?

My plan is to add another set of handmade ornaments this year, and a new set every year after until our tree is full of handmade goodness.

We'll have to wait until morning to see how this tree holds up against Caleb and his shenanigans.



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