Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baking Cookies With The Boys

It's been a long, long time since I've baked these chocolate chip cookies but since Nathan has been asking to do this for weeks, I finally caved. 

I've had this recipe, literally, since I started baking. I remember borrowing a big book from the library when I was in elementary school and copying this recipe into my little notebook. It stayed in that notebook until I went to university, then I had to get my sister to find it and email it to me one night.

This recipe has been shared with so many friends. I've baked it for bus rides to church retreats, study sessions, Christmas trays, everything. At one point, I baked it so often that I had the entire recipe memorized.

It made me smile a little to think that baking these cookies with Nathan meant I was, in a way, passing this recipe along to my kids.

I got everything set up for us to bake and told Nathan I was ready to start. He came over toting his giant Nerf gun, complete with all the attachment pieces and told me he was going to come in a little bit; he was going to play with Caleb first. 

I wasn't really surprised. I was a little relieved actually, because whatever Nathan does, Caleb wants to do and I was not ready to bake with a toddler today. So I went and got most of it put together and called him over again towards the end. 

The boys helped me mix the flour into the batter.

Then I added the chocolate chip and suddenly, Caleb could not take his eyes off the bowl and he was completely interested in baking with me.

Or should I say, he was totally interested in sticking his chubby little fingers into my mixing bowl, fishing out some giant chocolate chips and popping them into his mouth. 

To save the rest of my chocolate chips from getting picked off, I quickly mixed them into my batter, spooned them out onto the tray and stuck them in the oven. I know, I'm a meanie.

Ten minutes later, we had freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with a glass of cold milk. 


  1. yeah baking with kids is hard!!!
    hence why i only let 6-8 kids help when i bake
    at kindergarten...
    otherwise it does my head in!!!!

    and i always make sure staff have their own batch!!
    lol....sticky fingers and all

  2. Can't blame the kid. I want to stick my hand in there too and eat the cookie dough!



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