Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Surprises

I love surprising my boys, even if it's with something small, because anything unexpected gets them so excited and so happy.

I was on the ball today and made dinner while Caleb was sleeping, but I had groceries left to do. By the time Caleb woke up, we still had quite a bit of time before Andrew came home so I decided to take the boys out before picking up our groceries.

I asked the boys to get ready, and Nathan (though he didn't want to go grocery shopping) was quite cooperative and got changed quickly. I changed Caleb into his swim clothes and he was so excited. To surprise Nathan, I sent Caleb to tell him we'd be going "'wimmin'".

Nathan looked at him and started talking a mile-a-minute in his confused/excited tone and said, "What, really? You're wearing swimming clothes? You're going swimming? Really? Let me check your diaper. You're wearing a swimming diaper! You're going swimming!"

I was waiting in his room, laughing uncontrollably when he came to confirm Caleb's news. Nathan got changed again and minutes later, we headed out the door to the nearest park with a water play area.

The boys took off and went straight for the water. Caleb followed Nathan and did everything Nathan did.

If Nathan was sitting, Caleb was, too.

If Nathan was crawling along in the water, Caleb was, too.

If Nathan was squished into the little area the water flows from, Caleb was, too.

It was heartwarming watching the boys together. When Nathan was done in the water, they towelled off, changed and headed towards the playground for a little bit before it was time to go.

I'm so glad we made this little detour on our way to the grocery store.



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