Monday, January 21, 2013

Honey Roasted Almonds

I loved these honey roasted almonds when I was a child. It was the closest to popping peanuts like the rest of my family. It made me feel like I belonged, like I was part of the family! Just kidding (sort of). 

Anyway, they disappeared from grocery store shelves for the longest time and I couldn't find them anywhere. I gave up hope of ever finding them again.

So when I went back to Canada and found these on the shelves again, I grabbed one. One. What was I thinking?!

I introduced them to Andrew during our road trip down to Sydney and we shared that one measly can of awesomeness until it ran out. Then, we were desperate for more.

The next best thing, I decided, was to try to make my own. I found this recipe online. I knew it wouldn't be exactly the same as the Blue Diamond almonds but I decided to make them anyway.

I bought a pack of almonds from the grocery store. It looked like it had already been roasted but it didn't actually specify on the package so I roasted them again just to be sure. Double roasted almonds, baby.

Then I poured them into a saucepan full of honey goodness and stirred until the almonds had absorbed the liquid.

I transfered them to a bowl, sprinkled a mix of sugar and salt, and tossed it all together.

The final step is to let them cool on a pan. This is important because if you eat them while they're warm, it won't be nice and crunchy as nuts should be. I know because I tried.

These almonds turned out pretty well. They tasted delicious but they were incredibly sticky. The Blue Diamond ones aren't sticky and have a coat of flavourful powder. I'd love to either find the Blue Diamond recipe or one that more closely replicates those yummy almonds.


  1. bee, did you let them soak in the honey and then roast them?

    1. No, is that how you're supposed to do it? I roasted the almonds then stirred them into the liquid.

  2. As you know, I have no idea how to cook. But these sound/look delicious!
    I found this recipe and it says it's not that sticky.:

  3. bee...gary came home with the sweet lime blue diamond almonds last night and i finished the whole container by myself in one sitting!! i'm goign to try and make my own almonds soon!

  4. bee...gary came home with the sweet lime almonds by blue diamond yday. i finished it all last night all by myself! i remember you made your own almonds last time and came back to this post to be inspired. i want to try and make my own almonds too!



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