Friday, January 18, 2013


The GOMA is one of my favourite spots to bring the boys for a little dose of culture and art. They always have interesting displays and really fun interactive exhibits for kids.

Yellow or Blue? by Richard Maloy is the interactive piece currently in the children's area.

The room is completely covered with cardboard boxes, half painted entirely in yellow and half painted entirely in blue. In each part of the room, there's a table set up for kids to use the cardboard, tape and scissors provided to make whatever they want.

The only stipulation is that whatever creation you make has to be left behind and displayed on the shelf.

When we visited, Caleb happened to be napping in the stroller so Nathan and I had some one-on-one time to work on this project together.

We decided to make a robot.

I came up with how to create the general shape of this dude and Nathan helped me cut the pieces for his face.

I made arms for our robot and Nathan decided he needed a sword. I thought he'd look pretty cute with a hat so we came up with a design for that together.

Nathan named him Swordbot.

We had a bit of fun with Swordbot before we placed him on the shelf.

Nathan really didn't want to let him go. He really liked Swordbot and I really liked that we got to work on this project together. But rules are rules. So we said goodbye and parted ways.

I knew that the staff disassemble pieces to recycle the cardboard for other children to make new creations but for whatever reason, it didn't occur to me that they would take Swordbot apart right away. When Caleb woke up and I suggested we go back to show Swordbot to Caleb and Nathan realized that Swordbot was nowhere to be found, I felt so bad.

So a warning for parents who might bring your child to this exhibit: do not go back to look for your creation!

RIP Swordbot. You were the best sword-toting, hat-wearing robot we've ever made.

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