Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Start of Something

This morning I was in a bit of a haze.

I had stayed up way too late again (I'm getting very used to hearing the birds wake up). My body wanted to stay home and rest but my mind couldn't stop thinking about the two awesome options I had come up with for today's activity.

So in the spirit of seizing the day, I let Nathan choose his own adventure for the day. I presented him the choices: go to a new water park (which I thought he would definitely choose based on yesterday's reaction) and go watch a movie (which, well, I guess I should have known better).

The State Library of Queensland is showing a rotation of seven different movies for their Family Film Festival, playing two movies a day. Scheduled for today were My Neighbour Totoro and Shrek Everafter.

I was especially excited about My Neighbour Totoro - I have adored that movie (especially the adorable totoros) since the first time I watched the movie.

It's such a classic and unique animation and I'm so glad I had a chance to share it with the boys outside of our home. It's just not the same sitting the boys down and saying, "Hey, watch this because I like it".

I loved hearing Nathan laugh. out. loud. while watching the movie. I enjoy that Nathan understands the humour, especially the subtle parts, and also, Nathan has the most infectious giggle and laughs his face off whenever he finds something hilarious. It's unrestrained, so natural and free. So it made me a little sad when he stifled his laugh a little during the second movie.

On the way to our car, I realized that when I first watched it, it was in Cantonese and when the little totoros walk around, they say "bombomba chichicha" and that was missing in the English version! So naturally, I had to tell the boys and then they couldn't stop chanting it. Caleb was also singing the Totoro theme song which was absolutely adorable.

I'm so glad my sister sent me these little stuffed Totoros when she was in Japan because when we got home, I showed them to the boys and they were even more excited about Totoro. They've been around for a while now but the boys never paid too much attention to it. I asked Nathan why and he said he "didn't know Totoro was so cool" and that he "just thought it was a weird looking grey cat thing"!

Ever since my first and only trip to Japan, I've been dying to go back. I think I've managed to convince the boys (at least Nathan) how cool it would be to visit Japan. Now I just need to convince one more person.


  1. Awww! I love Totoro! It reminds me of your 'mui tan see gwai' bag hangy thing!

  2. They are so cute together :)



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