Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sydney Road Trip Day 6: Coff's Harbour

We left Sydney right after the fireworks and drove until the sun came out.

And then we drove some more.

I don't think I've seen as many sunrises and sunsets in such a short amount of time as I have on this trip. It's so beautiful.

Our GPS has a serious thing for country and mountain roads. This becomes extremely frustrating when it takes us hours away from where we actually want to go.

If it weren't for the fact that our phones don't get signals out in the middle of nowhere, I would get rid of that GPS.

Eventually, we arrived at Coff's Harbour.

The original plan for our road trip was to stop by Coff's Harbour on the way to Sydney but since we bypassed it on the way down, we decided to check it out on our way back home.

Our first stop was the jetty.

There's a spot on the jetty where you can jump off, into the water below. 

Andrew took the plunge. Nathan wasn't up for it, but Caleb really wanted to go. He kept asking for 'wimmin' and 'plash!'. Obviously that wasn't going to happen so we had to get off the jetty before he ripped himself from my hands and threw himself over the side.

The boys played in the sand and dug some holes but for the most part, they played in the water. I'm so thankful we brought our boogie board along even though we didn't use it for most of the trip. It was definitely worth the trunk space.

Nathan's getting really good at catching the waves and riding them out.

I joined the boys in the water this time. Up until now, I would only wade into the water, never getting completely wet but it occurred to me that I really should be taking advantage of my time here. People pay good money to go on vacations to beaches like these and here I am wasting perfectly good opportunities by sitting in the sand.

No more.

I've decided that as long as we live this close to the ocean, I'm going to soak every bit of it up and embrace it. No more sitting on the sand waiting for the boys to finish playing. I'm going to be in those ocean waves, walking along the shore and digging in that sand along with them.

After a few hours of playing on the beach, it was time to head home. 

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  1. good on ya for seeing that you need to get into those stunning beaches!!!
    love the pics..just beautiful!!



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