Saturday, January 5, 2013

Two Years in Brisbane

Today marks the second anniversary of our arrival in Brisbane. 

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we boarded a plane and transplanted our family to the other side of the world and opposite hemisphere. I sometimes joke that we couldn't have moved further; we are literally as far from Toronto as we could possibly be.

Regardless, I wouldn't trade our time here for anything. 

Our first year was tough. I was in survival mode and I refused to call this place home knowing I would probably have to pack up and leave it all behind in four years. So I kept to myself and became a hermit.

But then I realized, four years is a long time! So I put down my roots, made friends and built a life for us here. Year two has been such a huge change from year one.

Brisbane has won me over with...

1. Bright, sunny days
2. Gorgeous, colourful sunsets
3. Powerful rainstorms that remind me there is someone bigger in control
4. Rides on the City Cat (public transportation on the water)
5. South Bank
6. Tropical flowers and palm trees
7. Playdates after school that last until dinner time
8. Coffee catch-ups at little cafes
9. Short drives to the most beautiful beaches
10. Its laid-back, relaxed lifestyle

I'm learning to embrace life in Brisbane and I can't wait to see what else this city (and the rest of Australia) has to offer in the remaining time we have here.


  1. wahoooooooooooo..and may the next 2 years be just as fun!!!

  2. Yay!! Happy 2yrs, Bernice and gang! Wait, so you go back to Canada afterwards? Isn't A gonna practice here?

  3. I love that picture with the trees.. can't believe you took that just down the street from us!



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