Friday, January 4, 2013

Sydney Road Trip Mini Book (Pre-Trip)

The pages of this mini book came together back in November when Andrew and I first started planning our road trip to Sydney. 

I've mentioned before that I like my pages to match the theme/feel of whatever I'm documenting so sometimes it's hard for me to pre-make things. Case in point: my December Daily album hasn't even been started despite my preparation in choosing pages and embellishments because things just didn't fit the way I wanted it to. I'll have to revisit that project when I have more time.

Anyway, I did have a general idea of what we'd be doing each day on our road trip so it was a little easier to choose papers that would work. 

Here's my mini book pre-trip:

I tossed this into a little bag along with some basic supplies and embellishments, and we were ready to go.

Stay tuned for the completed version of this mini.

1 comment:

  1. ohh how cool!!!
    cant wait to see what you
    do with it



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