Thursday, February 7, 2013

Busy Schedule

My hopes of having a more relaxed schedule as we eased ourselves back into the swing of things was somehow dashed within the first week of school after we signed Nathan up for one extracurricular activity after another.

I felt a little bad about packing his schedule so full but the thing is, he enjoys these after school activities and he even asked me about a few more but I had to limit the number we participated in because I wouldn't be able to handle it. Having to make that decision got me thinking...

If Nathan is interested in learning something, should we give him the opportunities to pursue all those interests (provided we have the means to) and find out what he's really good at? 

Should we get him to do one thing that he's really good at, or do we let him do a whole variety of things to be more well-rounded?

It dawned on me that we need to sign Nathan up for all these extracurriculars because his school doesn't offer these opportunities to learn another language or organised sports. How much should I expect the school to provide?


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  1. yeah when i was a nanny i spent ALL my afternoon shift driving kids to ballet, gym, swimming, french lessons and horseriding.....home at 5.30 pm didnt give me much time to make dinner, re-pack bags, start lunches and do i asked the parents to give me 1-2 free afternoons!!!! i was so stressed otherwise!!!

    so we made a sport each kid (weekend games and weekday practices) and one other thing....and maybe together...say gym same day diff times!!! worked out in the end!!

    and in NZ they dont have funding at school to do much more then basic made it hard!!

    and the amount of homework gets worse over the years so a few days at home to chill and catch up or have friends to play/visit park was quite nice actually!!! lol



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