Friday, February 1, 2013


Caleb spent the morning exploring his new classroom - same program, different space.

The poor guy's been seeing Nathan go to school everyday, and he's been stuck home with me. On top of that, his swimming lesson was cancelled due to the risk of flooding while Nathan had his lesson so he's feeling a little left out.

This morning, he had had enough and asked me, "Mine? 'chool?" so of course I had to bring him in to Nido!

We walked around to familiarize ourselves with the new space. Caleb settled right in and got to work doing some things he's done before and also trying out some new activities.

1 comment:

  1. how cool...he gets to attend school too!!
    how fun!!

    and posts below
    *love the pics of you and the boys
    *love all your photo a day what programme did you collage them like that
    *cute first day pics
    *glad that storm is all over and you are all safe and well



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