Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Caleb's Shoe 1 2 3

The other day, my Studio Calico box arrived much earlier than usual so I decided to take a break from housework to sit down and sift through all the goodies that had arrived and flip through Amy Tan's Signature Series book.

As I sat there reading, Caleb was quietly playing behind me.

Soon, he started counting, "Woooooon. Twoooooo. Feeeeee!" over and over again. I didn't really pay too much attention and I figured as long as I could hear him, it'd be okay. Half way through the book, I turned around to see what Caleb was up to.

He had taken every single shoe out of the bottom of our shoe closet and lined each pair up neatly in a row. I suppose he was counting to three each time he moved a pair.

This was confirmed later on as he stepped into each pair and walked a few steps forward, forming a new line, all the while carefully counting, "Wooooon. Twooooo. Feeeee!"

Lucky for me, Caleb was just as diligent about putting the shoes away as he was about taking them out so within minutes, he had it all cleaned up.

1 comment:

  1. How adorable...he looks like a pretty bright kid to match them and line them up so straight.



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