Saturday, March 9, 2013

Nathan Makes Pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes have become a Saturday morning tradition in our home. If we're home for the morning, chances are we're having pancakes for breakfast.

Once upon a time, I used to make pancakes but over time, this has become 100% Andrew's specialty and I love that. I'm so grateful that he's willing to get out of bed to make these for us.

His pancakes are something the boys look forward to.

There was one Saturday morning when Andrew had to pop out to the grocery store to pick up some missing ingredients. He brought Caleb with him and as soon as they got home, Caleb strapped himself into his high chair and waited as Andrew made the pancakes, to eat them. If they're good enough to have a two year old wait patiently for them, they've got to be awesome, right?

Nathan is always asking for pancake breakfasts and last weekend, he asked Andrew to teach him how to make them.

So, under Andrew's watchful eye and patient instruction, Nathan expertly mixed the ingredients and flipped them on the pan all by himself.

He said they were the most delicious pancakes he's ever had.

They really were delicious.


  1. i LOVE that Caleb is wearing his Panda hat! hahaha and do I see Andrew growing a little scruff on his face?!

    i miss you guys!!

  2. haha that scruff is there pretty much every weekend :)



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