Monday, March 11, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 2

Week of: January 6 - January 12

I'll be the first to admit that this week's spread looks a little like a tourism magazine. (Hey Queensland Holidays, want to collaborate? Let's chat!) The first part of the week was spent at home, visiting with friends and stocking up our fridge and pantry again. I love that our trips to the grocery store are usually enjoyable and I've never been anxious about taking my boys shopping with me. After spending a week relaxing and chilling at home, we were itching to go out again.

We spent a day down the coast but that wasn't enough, so we squeezed in a last minute trip up north to Bundaberg. We figured that with Andrew going back to school the week after, this would be the last chance we have this year for both him and Nathan to be on holidays at the same time. So we packed our bags, my fresh batch of honey roasted almonds and hit the road.

I went to town sticking things directly onto photos this week.

Late last year, I played around with adding type to my photos before printing and I loved how I could use different fonts and sizes. However, after all the work I put into editing my photos, the photo printer I was using would crop my photos so that the words were either misaligned or cut off! On top of that, my pile of alphas was steadily growing and I missed the dimension.

Another thing I played around with is the placement of my "title" insert. Last year, the top left pocket was always reserved for this but I'm trying something new and I think I'm okay with this inconsistency.

Those Amy Tangerine's Baxter alpha stickers are so perfect for Project Life. Everything about them is fantastic - the two tones of each colour, the size, how skinny they are and the fact that you can use the stickers and its outline. I love them to bits and wish I had a whole stack of these to use.

One of the main reasons I purchased the core kit this year was because of the folded cards. I love the idea of hidden journaling, especially if it's about something that is significant in our lives that week but I don't necessarily want it to be immediately visible.

I was excited to use it but when I slipped this folded card into the pocket, it looked blank and unfinished. I didn't want to just put any old thing on the front just to take up the white space; I needed it to be somewhat relevant to what was written inside. Washi tape is always a good option, and these little stickers by Amy Tangerine were a nice fit as well.

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  1. oh very cool!! and love the underwater pics!! what camera are you using again?? i want one for when i go to rarotonga!!!



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