Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April: Currently

Spending more time in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Making ice cream, even as the temperature keeps dropping.

Diving head-first into a new opportunity, and doing a lot of research for it.

Wondering where we'll be in the next couple of years.

Creating pro/con lists to help with the decision process later on.

Looking forward to a quieter, more relaxed term with less after school activities.

Needing some time and energy to clear out all the clutter that's accumulated over the summer.

Using Andrew's computer as an electronic babysitter in the mornings. Hoping this won't become a habit.

Driving with the windows down.

Leaving the patio doors open to let the cool, crisp autumn air in.

Refreshing my Feedly list, adding new sources of inspiration and purging others.

Peeling lots of mandarins for Caleb who can't seem to get enough of them.

Holding onto Nathan's school work from last term, waiting for a chance for him to share it with me.

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