Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Art Afternoon | Playing With Paint

After spending an entire morning immersed in Australian National Curriculum documents and various math and language workbooks, I started planning out some (educational) activities for Nathan's upcoming school holiday. Yes, I am that mom. At least, this term I am.

I brainstormed ideas for exploring history through constructing a family tree, and I wrote notes for ways to explore colour and texture. In my research, I stumbled upon Eric Carle's work.

I've always appreciated his books, so full of colour and imagination. Then I found out about his museum devoted to picture book art, watched this video of Eric Carle in action, and heard him speak about being an artist. Once I learned more about the person behind the art, I was even more captivated.

By the time 2:45pm rolled around, I was totally inspired and ready to do some art with the boys, despite not having dinner prepared. Nathan was a little disappointed I would only let him play until the bell rang but I think he forgave me once we brought out the paints.

At first I wanted us to paint the cover for a book we'll be (hopefully) making, but as soon as we dipped our brushes in the paint and water, all my plans went out the window. We just painted and painted with no restrictions.

We mixed colours and tried different techniques. We copied designs and created ones of our own. It was a whole lot of messy fun.

In one of his videos, Eric Carle says, "In art, you're supposed to be free" and that is exactly how we felt.

I'm hoping to somehow get my hands on his Picture Writer film and to eventually visit his museum. I think it'd be such a beautiful way to spend the day.

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  1. awww Nathan and Caleb are so cute! I love all the colorful creations!



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