Friday, April 5, 2013

Boy Birthday Cards

Over the past two years, Nathan's been attending a huge number of birthday parties. A majority of those are for boys and I've been having a really hard time finding inspiration for boy birthday cards.

Most of the time, I'll try to make something that relates to the party theme or the boy's personality. However, when I don't know the child or theme, I find it hard to find examples of masculine cards that don't look overly lumberjack-y or dark. I just want to make a happy-looking card without it looking too girly!

I threw this card together for the last party Nathan went to (for a 9-year-old boy) and I like how it turned out. The enamel dots add a splash of colour and I think it's just enough to make it look happy. This card also looks generic enough to use for both boys and girls, and would probably work for adults as well as children.

This might be a good card to make a few extra of, to have on hand for the next few birthdays.

1 comment:

  1. ohhhhhhhh i love this card!!!!!!!
    so pretty!!!

    and posts below!!!
    *that drink looks devineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    *ohhhhhh the painting looks fun!!!



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