Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lazy-ish Saturdays

It's not every Saturday...

... that we can get up and ready early enough to have a delicious breakfast out. We devoured it quickly because it was so tasty, but also because we had to pick Nathan up before his game. It would have been lovely to enjoy it leisurely but that can happen another day.

... that we get to watch Nathan and his teammates fight hard to win. This was by far their closest match this season. The score was tied all the way until the last minutes and our team came out on top. I think they all learned a little lesson about the benefits of working hard. They're real champs.

... that I'm happy about being stuck inside. After a slightly disappointing trip to the mall, we came out to discover it was pouring rain. That meant we'd be stuck inside for the rest of the day but that meant we could finally tackle that long list of housework I've been writing in my head. Andrew did most of the tackling (thank you!). Nathan and I pitched in but we ended up playing (read: learning) on this iPad app that teaches programming concepts.

... that our youngest son decides to climb into a duffle bag and zip it up with his legs inside because that duffle bag is in fact, a boat.

I love it when my Saturdays play out like this.

1 comment:

  1. OK i need that breakfast , it looks DIVINE and man those mushrooms look good :)



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