Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walks With Caleb

For the past few months years decade, I've been looking for a way to tear myself away from all the work I have to do for a few minutes of fresh air (and, okay let's face it, exercise).

I used to convince myself that carrying a week's worth of groceries to the car and running around after an active toddler could also be considered weight training and cardiovascular exercise. Then, I looked around and saw moms who also have multiple children, or worse, moms of newborns with bodies like those of professional triathletes and realized how severely wrong I was.

I'm constantly thinking of ways I can squeeze a little bit of exercise into my daily routine, but every single time, I also come up with a way around it.

Yesterday, it was dinner. It took way too long to prepare dinner and by the time it was remotely close to being ready, the sun had already set and I don't walk outside alone anymore.

Before that, I was going to walk out to the mailbox to post some mail, but it was easier to just swing by the post office after dropping Nathan off at school.

And before that, I was going to... well, you get the point.

Well, today, I decided to break the cycle.

After coming home from Caleb's last swimming lesson for the term, I decided not to let myself off with the excuse that kicking around the pool for half an hour with Caleb could be considered exercise for the day. Instead, I asked Caleb he if would like to go for a walk, and as always, he said 'yes'.

We got our shoes on, Caleb hopped onto his scooter and we set off.

Our walks usually consist of me walking and him riding on his scooter, with me steering and pulling him along because he hasn't figured out how to steer the thing. It's a little inconvenient, but at the same time, it could be so much worse - I could be taller. So I thanked God that I am as short as I am and kept walking.

We went up and down Brisbane's hilly terrain, walked on grass and on the street (apparently Brisbane doesn't believe in long stretches of sidewalk) and eventually we made it home.

It wasn't a very long walk, but it's a start and sometimes a little goes a long way.

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