Monday, July 29, 2013

Caleb's First Movie

While at a birthday party on Friday, I mentioned to our friends that Andrew was on call again (subbing in for someone) and invited their son over for a sleepover if he wanted since it was just me and the boys at home anyway.

They counter-offered with taking Nathan with them to see Despicable Me 2 and a sleepover at their house. They also invited Caleb and I along so obviously they won by a long shot. Caleb was so excited, he hopped off his swing right away to find Nathan.

After a quick sushi dinner, we found our spots in Theatre 4. They had these big black cushions for the little kids to sit on so they could see the screen properly.

Caleb was a little unsure at first. He's watched movies at home before but never in a big theatre like this one. But he had his bucket of popcorn so he settled into his seat and munched on his snack.

He also had a big slushie to share with Nathan. I made sure to put a Pull-Up on him just in case he needed to go in the middle of the movie but my big guy made it all the way through without a potty break.

Soon the movie started. It was quite a bit louder than I expected it to be so I held Caleb's hand to reassure him it would be okay. He stared wide-eyed at the screen and I couldn't tell if he was enjoying himself or if he was scared.

A little bit into the movie, one of the minions yelled something and Caleb yelled it back saying, "He said ____!"  I had to remind him we couldn't talk so he sat quietly for the rest of the movie.

At the end, I still wasn't sure if he enjoyed the whole experience but as soon as he saw the big kids getting excited about the movie and talking about it, he couldn't stop chattering about it either. For the rest of the weekend, all he could talk about was the little minions. Minions, minions, minions. 

I'd say his first movie experience was a big success!

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  1. Yay for his first movie! And an excellent choice of a movie.. Watched it twice already.. lol..



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