Friday, July 26, 2013

Seeing Sydney (Part 2)

After realizing how long it took for us to walk everywhere as a group, we decided to just drive our car around the second day. The theme of our day: water.

We started off at Bondi Beach.

It was a pretty cloudy day but that didn't stop the boys from playing on the beach. It was way too cold for them to go into the water (plus, we didn't bring our togs*) so they played in the sand and built sandcastles instead.

While the boys, Andrew and my dad hung out on the beach, my sister, mom and I went for a quick walk along the main strip.

Our next stop was the Sydney Fish Market.

We were originally going to visit this location on our first full day but despite our best planning, we just didn't make it there. So when we arrived this day, it was very satisfying for my seafood-loving family.

The seagulls watching for unguarded food.

I am the only one in my family who can't have shellfish and therefore, the only one who didn't fully appreciate the seafood market, but I'm okay with that.

We found a seat outside by the water and they dug into their fresh seafood meal of prawns and raw oysters. I shared my seafood platter with everyone. It was meant for me and the boys but it was huge and I could only eat the fish and chips anyway.

While we were eating, a little fishing boat pulled in. We watched as the fishermen transferred many large tubs of fish from the bottom of the boat onto the dock. I felt a little bad for them as seagulls swarmed their catch and stole some fish from them.

After lunch, we headed towards Darling Harbour.

Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and made a huge detour. By the time we got back to Darling Harbour, it was raining so we took cover inside the Harbourside Shopping Centre and enjoyed some 30c cones from McDonald's.

On the way back to our car, we discovered the Water Spiral. I got Andrew to walk with the boys to the centre of it.

And there was also this from the Sydney Olympics. Can you believe that was 13 years ago? What were you doing that year? I only remember I was in grade 8 because my math teacher had visited Sydney that year and told us all about it. I was mesmerized and shocked at how uncharacteristically human she seemed.

We met up for dinner with my parents' friends that night and the boys fell asleep on the way home.

*togs = cozzies = swim suits

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