Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunrise At Byron

My obsession with sunrises (and sunsets) continues.

After packing up the car with as much warm clothes as we could possibly fit in our 7-seater rental car, we drove down to the Byron Bay Lighthouse to watch the sunrise.

By the time we arrived in Byron, the sky was starting to get brighter and you could see a thick layer of clouds just hovering over the horizon.

It was pretty chilly as we made our way up to the lighthouse. The boys were all bundled up with layers of clothing, and an extra blanket for Caleb just like the first time we came.

It was still dark enough for us to see the light shining from the lighthouse, but light enough to see the crashing waves at the bottom of the cliffs.

As we waited for the sun to come up, we spent our time taking pictures and running around trying to keep warm. It's a little funny how similar this photo is to the one we took the first (and only other) time we watched the sunrise at Byron Bay.

My mom wanted to head back to the car, but I could see the redness of the sun right along the horizon and I knew if we waited, the sun would rise above that band of clouds and light up the sky.

It took a little while, but when the sun finally popped out from behind the clouds, it was definitely worth the wait.

In that instant, it went from it being a cloudy, gloomy day, to a bright and sunny day. The way the light danced across the ocean was magical.

Jaynelle went for a run down to the beach while the rest of us slowly made our way to the most easterly point. Eventually, we all gathered around the "E" on the compass. I'm glad they don't mind playing along with my different photos.

On the way back to the car, we spotted a spray of water in the distance with a tiny glimpse of a whale. After waiting a little while longer, we saw the whale come up a few more times before it was time for us to go.

It was a beautiful way to start the day, and our long drive down to Sydney.

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