Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rainy Day In The Mountains

Based on some bad intel (ahem), my sister and I got out of bed at 5am, even though my iPhone app told me sunrise wouldn't be until 7am, to see the Three Sisters as the sun rose into the sky.

It was dark, cold and windy. When we got to Echo Point, there was no sign of the sun appearing anytime soon so we raced back to the car and decided to try again in a couple hours. 

When we returned to Echo Point closer to 7am, this is what we saw. 

It was an incredibly cloudy morning, and still very cold. 

We waited and waited for something to happen, and the moment my sister went to move our car out of the no parking zone, this happened:

It was glorious and lasted for only a minute before the clouds rolled back in and the skies turned grey. It was cold and rainy for the rest of the day: perfect for hanging out in the caves where it's the same temperature year-round regardless of what's going on outside.

On the way up the winding road, we saw quite a bit of wildlife. Some dead (like this poor wombat), and some alive (like this dingo). We saw a group of kangaroos on the side of the road as well. This was probably the most Australian wildlife I've seen in all my years here.

Eventually, we got to the caves and went on the Imperial Cave tour again. It seems to be the only one that ever fits our schedule. 

It was a good thing that we had been on this tour before because the tour guide we had this time around was so focused on making things fun for the kids at the beginning of the tour that he started running late, and started racing through the tour trying to finish on time.

I'm glad I was able to point out some formations we had seen last time, so the tour wasn't a complete waste.

We had lunch outside and were quickly surrounded by four Crimson Rosellas (yes, Googled that). This one took quite a liking to my mom; the feeling was not mutual.

The one good thing about visiting the Jenolan Caves in the winter is that there's far less tourists milling about. We could take up an entire bench and not feel guilty about it, and snap as many pictures as we wanted, without some stranger walking through it.

There wasn't much of a sunset that night, but at least we got a pretty pink sky!

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  1. Awesome!! The last time when we were there, it was drizzling, so we didn't venture too far in case the ground got too slippery. Great shots!



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