Friday, August 9, 2013

Dinners At Grill'd

Somehow, Grill'd has become our family's restaurant of choice when it comes to celebrations and significant events. We've celebrated many birthdays and an anniversary at Grill'd. We've shared dinner with many friends and brought our family to Grill'd when they visit. It's just a part of our life here in Brisbane*.

Within the first few days of my family arriving in Australia, my mom insisted that we had to take my sister to Grill'd for burgers. 

We brought her, she tried it and it was good.

We went back again tonight for dinner to celebrate their time here. I can't believe it's been a month since they arrived and it's time for them to go home again! Time passes by too quickly.

*I have to say, the quality of their burgers has gone down a bit since the first time I had their food. And the amount of chips in their regular serve has gone down as well. I'm hoping the decline doesn't continue or we might have to find a new place to celebrate our special occasions!


  1. I quite agree. Grill'd at first was pretty good, but it's been a hit and miss for us lately. Will they be back soon?

    1. Not sure when they'll be back, but we're thinking of going back for Christmas!



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