Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 10

Week of: March 3 - March 9

What happened this week: Andrew had his end-of-rotation exam on Monday so the rest of the week was open for him to hang out with the boys. We also got bits of housekeeping done and I had a little time to myself here and there.

Most of the photos on this side are pretty dark but somehow, the overall look of the page is still pretty bright and I'm really liking it.

This side is a little more basic. I experimented more with journaling and titling right onto the photo a bit more. I think the bottom right corner is my favourite. I thought it was such a funny photo of the boys watching Andrew somersault in the piano room.

That bottom left insert took me way too long to finish. I had an idea in my head and it just wasn't working out the way I envisioned so after three days (seriously) it finally came together alright.

The big story on the right side is about the night Andrew brought Nathan to unlimited laser skirmish in the city. We rarely get a chance to have one-on-one time with the boys so when I found out about unlimited play on Thursday nights I decided Andrew had to take Nathan. They played back-to-back games of laser tag for a couple hours, and it was Nathan's first time*, so that was something that had to be documented.

*Another reason I forced the boys out to laser tag was because we finally settled on laser tag for Nathan's birthday party. The only problem was that Nathan had never been before and the last thing I wanted was for the birthday boy to hate his party so I got Andrew to take him, to test the waters and it was a hit.

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