Friday, September 27, 2013

September: Currently

Spending our first week of school holidays out and about with friends.

Wearing dresses almost every day.

Getting too dark, too fast.

Drinking aloe, iced tea and water.

Trying to stay cool. I can't believe it's only spring.

Rubbing my itchy eyes a little too much.

Raising my voice a little too often.

Wishing the boys wouldn't argue so much.

Loving the moments when they get along and adore each other.

Thinking a lot about our fast-approaching Christmas break.

Weighing options for our next few years.

Taking the boys to swimming lessons everyday.

Squeezing yoga back into my weekly schedule.

Wondering what I'm going to do with the boys next week when pretty much all of our usual playdate friends will be out of town!


  1. you dont know how much i miss the heat and beaches right now :(



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