Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sports Day (Nathan Edition)

Today was Nathan's turn to participate in Sports Day.

He woke up and realized he had nothing to wear. His class colour is orange and the only orange shirt he has is a basketball singlet (which isn't sun safe) so we had to scramble for another idea. We ended up finding this rashie in a pile of clothes my parents had brought over.

It's a blinding fluorescent orange, and paired with his new white hat, we had no problems spotting Nathan when we arrived after Caleb's swimming lesson.

We missed the 1km run but made it back in time to see Nathan's team run the relay. He gave his team a nice start, and they all worked hard for their win. Of course, it's all for fun and no official times were kept.

Caleb wanted to join in and run with the big kids but that wasn't going to happen so Andrew brought him to scooter around while I stuck around to watch Nathan do vortex and shot put. I was so impressed with Nathan's shot put - I had no idea he could throw like that!

We went home for lunch while Nathan did a couple more events and had lunch, but Andrew made it back in time to watch the final two events of the day: long jump and another short distance run.

Nathan has some athletic genes in him and they definitely didn't come from me. Running is still his thing, but I'm so glad he got to give some other events a try, just to experience it and test his skill.



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