Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dessert Skewers

A couple terms ago, someone brought these breakfast/dessert skewers to a class breakfast to share. They sat untouched so I decided to try one and they were so tasty I even took one for my walk to the car.

I wanted to make my own but I wasn't sure what the bread part was. I didn't know who had brought the plate so I searched Google and came up with nothing. But maybe all that time spent reading recipes was finally paying off because my head kept telling me "brioche".

So when one of our pastors and his wife invited us over for a BBQ, I decided to try using brioche.

The basic ingredients are as follows:
Maple Syrup

The amount of each ingredients really depends on how much you want to put on each skewer and how many you want to make.

I prepared the skewers just before we left our house - you don't want to make them too far ahead of time or the brioche will get hard and dry. I brought the syrup along to drizzle right before dessert was served.

These are the perfect summer dessert and you can bet I'll be making them again.

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