Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October: Currently

Reconnecting with the online world after a week of pretty much no internet on our computers.

Excited that I've finally caught up with printing photos for Project Life.

Learning to bless others with what I have now instead of waiting for when I have more.

Playing with a lot of paint and bird seeds in preparation for Art Fest at the boys' school.

Getting a little stressed about attending the Brisbane Designer's Fashion Show this weekend.

Trying to figure out how on earth my life got so busy these past couple weeks.

Thinking about whether or not to take the boys trick or treating tomorrow night, or to even remind them about it.

Mulling over the results of my most recent allergy test.

Adding oral allergy syndrome and elimination diets to the list of things I need to read up on.

Holding on to the cute little things that the boys do, like watching Nathan measure himself each and every week at the swimming pool.

Thankful that Caleb is such a cooperative kid and doesn't mind shopping with me as he as done every single day for the past week and a half.

Counting down the days until Andrew finishes his third year of med school!

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