Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Sound of Thunder

Last week, Caleb and I were out running some errands and as we were getting to the car, there was a strong rumble of thunder.

Caleb ran to me and hugged my leg. I told him it was okay, it was just thunder.

He asked where it came from; he couldn't see it.

Lately, Caleb's been obsessed with looking for the source of sounds. Occasionally, we'll see a live band and Caleb will insist we stop to watch. When we're at the shopping centre and music is playing over the speakers, he'll ask where the sound is coming from and we'll stop to look for the speakers.

So I explained to him that thunder is like fireworks (he's not afraid of those) because they both make loud booming sounds except that with fireworks you see the fire, but with thunder you only see the rain.

At home, I headed upstairs to do some work so Caleb followed me up. I thought he was going to ask to sit on my lap as he usually does but instead, he heard the rain and went straight for my drawer, pulled out a camera and proceeded to taking pictures of the downpour. I love how my boys appreciate the importance of taking photos.

When he finished, we heard thunder rolling in the distance again and he explained to me: thunder I can't see it. Fireworks I do!

It's just amazing to watch him sometimes, the way he processes things we say to him and how he'll get his mind set on doing something and there's just no stopping him until he's finished. He has such a strong drive and he's so particular and meticulous; it's so beautiful to watch.

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