Thursday, November 14, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 16

Week of: April 14 - April 20

What happened this week: This was the second week of school holidays.

The boys spent a lot of time together around the house. One of their favourite things to do is build "houses", usually on their beds or in front of the couch using pillows. Their space is so well planned out, with each boy getting their own area. It's so cute to listen to their discussions and because they were playing so well together, it gave me a bit of time to play around in the kitchen.

Nathan taught us how to make pesto and I thought that was really worth documenting because he had done it at school and he really wanted to try it out with us at home. I spent a lot of time debating whether I should add something to those photos, whether it be a title or some journaling, but in the end I decided to just leave it as is.

Please excuse the glare over that spider pocket, but maybe it's for the best because that spider is pretty creepy looking. There's a long story about how I had to capture it because Andrew had already left, but I was pressed for time because I had to bring Caleb to swimming. Instead of including all that, I thought the words "A not so itsy bitsy spider" was good enough.

Since there's a lot of journaling in the centre line, I didn't mind leaving the 4x6 pockets a little less embellished to balance the busyness out a bit.



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